New 2023/2024 Academic Year in Ukraine

Already the second academic year in Ukraine begins during martial law, when a full-scale war takes place in Ukraine. 

According to the Minister of Education and Science, 3,951,000 children return to study - both in classrooms and remotely.

12,975 schools will work in different formats: full-time, remote and mixed.

As for shelters, 84% of schools have equipped shelters (and only their accessibility is a basic requirement for returning the institution to full-time education). 

The minister also noted that 281 projects for the rebuilding and reconstruction of shelters in the regions have already been approved for the state subvention of 1.5 billion UAH.

493 school buses have already been purchased for 18 regions. 165 have been delivered to the regions, and the rest will arrive from October to the end of this year.

Teachers and schoolchildren have already received 96 and 35 thousand gadgets, respectively. By the end of this year, students will receive more than 40 thousand more copies.

66% of the total number of textbooks needed for the 6th grade was printed at the expense of the state budget. For the 5th grade, Ukrainian language, mathematics, history, and Polish language were printed with the support of donors.

In order to cover one hundred percent of the need for textbooks, the Ministry of Education and Science continues negotiations with donor organizations and is looking for resources within the country.

The Ministry of Education and Science also plans to introduce a model whereby students abroad will be able to take only subjects with a Ukrainian component for the annual assessment.

A model educational program for studying these subjects by children abroad has already been approved.

The next step for the Ministry will be to decide on the organization of such education process. The Ministry will identify schools in different regions of Ukraine that will have classes for distance learning of these subjects.

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