Education in Ukraine: 8 Months of War

More than 8 months, the full-scale war of Russia against the Ukrainian people has been going on.

According to the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine, as of today 416 children were killed and more than 784 were injured in Ukraine as a result of Russian armed aggression.

As of today, 2480 educational institutions have already been damaged due to bombing and shelling by the Russian occupiers. 289 of them are completely destroyed.

Now about 1300 schools are located on the temporarily occupied territories.

After the de-occupation of Ukrainian territories, it is impossible to return to educational institutions immediately - demining and reconstruction are needed there. Therefore, the vital issue for education sphere in the new academic year now is safety in educational institutions!

Only 64% of schools have necessary shelters and can continue education offline. According to the Ministry of Education, as of the beginning of September, 12,900 schools in Ukraine were able to start education. More than 300 thousand children started their first school year.

The form of education process is determined by military administrations and can be changed during the year, in particular, at the parents’ request.

Today, education process takes place in different forms:

  • 38% of schools work offline;
  • 27% schools work online;
  • 35% of children study in a mixed form of education.

Currently, educational institutions have autonomy in the organization of the educational process. Therefore, the decision on the form of work of teachers is made by the heads of institutions. If the school works in online or mixed mode, the teacher who is abroad can work remotely.

Since February 24, Ukrainians have been forced to flee from the war - to the central and western regions of Ukraine and to European countries. Millions of people have received the status of internally displaced persons, millions have fled abroad.

According to the latest UN data (in August-September), the number of refugees and internally displaced persons fleeing from the east and south of the country has increased because of active military actions there. And the number of Ukrainian refugees registered in Europe has now exceeded 7 million. 

The Ministry of Education reported that at the beginning of the new school year almost 492,000 school-age children were abroad under the temporary protection of the EU countries. 

More than 3.5 thousand of teachers have returned to Ukraine and continue to teach, but another 13 thousand are outside the country.

There is another crucial topic for educators at this difficult period - the salaries of educators. Spending on education has been reduced in the budget for the next year, that may affect teachers' salaries and other payments for educators.

The dialogue of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine with the Government to prevent the reduction of teachers' salaries continues.

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