Pressure and Coercion on Ukrainian Teachers in the Temporarily Occupied Territories Continues

Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine has been constantly receiving appeals and reports from regional organizations of the Trade Union, where active hostilities are taking place, and from the temporarily occupied territories on the impact of the russian occupation regime on education sector workers.

Thus, according to reports from regional trade union organizations, a significant number of teachers are still on the temporarily occupied territories and are unable to leave due to the lack of green corridors and some other personal reasons. Educators who managed to leave the temporarily occupied territories are now in safer regions of Ukraine or abroad.

Teachers who are forced to stay under occupation are in an extremely difficult situation. Ukrainian education system is being destroyed in these territories. The so-called "occupation authorities" continue to put psychological and physical pressure on workers and force them to work according to russian federation standards.

According to information received by the Central Committee of the Trade Union, teachers in the temporarily occupied territories are now being intimidated, blackmailed, threatened with torture and arrest, and threatened with deportation to Russia for refusing to cooperate with the occupiers. There have already been cases of the persecution and kidnapping of teachers for their pro-Ukrainian stance, their unwillingness to cooperate with the occupation authorities, and their refusal to begin the teaching according to russian curricula.

Ukrainian teachers in the occupation are forced to conduct lessons and educational activities in which the Russian invasion is justified, the symbols and attributes of the aggressor country are studied, the history of Ukraine is distorted and falsified, etc. The Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine are excluded from the list of school subjects. Teachers are forced to teach all subjects in Russian.

Communication in educational institutions in the Ukrainian language is prohibited! 

It should be noted that only a small number of teachers cooperate with the enemy. Workers who agreed to cooperate with the occupiers in the field of education must take courses to improve their qualifications in accordance with russian standards on this territory or in russia. 

As noted in the reports, there are cases of theft of multimedia and computer equipment and laptops belonging to educational institutions, which were provided to teachers to work under the program "New Ukrainian School" and other state programs. Ukrainian-language textbooks and books of Ukrainian writers and poets were completely withdrawn from the libraries of educational institutions. 

At the same time, the Russian occupants have been firing rockets into Ukrainian cities for more than six months, killing civilians and children, destroying houses, towns and villages. The aggressor massively destroys educational and scientific infrastructure. So, more than 2400 educational institutions have already suffered from bombing and shelling, 269 of them were completely destroyed and 1300 schools remain under occupation.

The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine is banned in the temporarily occupied territories. All employees of educational institutions are forced to join the "newly formed" educational trade unions, threatening them with dismissal, which is a direct violation of their rights and freedoms and contradicts the basic principles of trade union activity. There have been cases of confiscation of property and computer equipment from territorial trade union organizations.

The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine condemns any actions of the russian federation, aimed at terrorizing and killing the Ukrainian people, destroying the Ukrainian national identity and Ukrainian educational system.

We call upon the entire international community to become a united educational front against the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine – for the sake of peace and security throughout the world, for the protection of democratic and human values!

International Department

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