Ukrainian Education in Times of War

1/ Are there still schools and high schools open in Ukraine (for example in the west of the country)?

No, there are no schools opened in Ukraine as military situation is declared throughout the country and bombings are carried out by russian army all over the country even in the western part.

 2/ In places where schools are closed, is it possible to do distance learning? Do students have computers and connections? Do they use their smartphones?

 According to the Ministry of Education and Science, distance learning was organized in all schools in 13 regions of Ukraine.

In 4 regions there were partially organized distance learning or holidays.  In another 5 regions, the remote education process, holidays or lessons have been partially suspended. In 2 regions, where the security situation remains tense, the educational process is suspended. Information about one region is missing due to active hostilities in the region.

Where the internet and mobile communication are restored (it was damaged as a result of hostilities and was absent from 5 to 20 days), and there is electricity now (it is much more difficult and longer to restore) there is a possibility to join to education process and trainings, if the security situation allows it.

In those 13 regions where the situation is more or less safe they use computers. But we cannot get information on how many students are involved in the education process and what do they use in the rest of the regions where the situation is unstable and dangerous.


3/ What are the instructions given to teachers by the Ministry? Are they realistic? Are they applied?

As for the instructions provided by the Ministry of Education and Science (primarily on forms of education, wages, etc.), they are realistic, where possible (areas in the rear). Teachers have instructions and materials to work remotely.

Teachers of almost all regions (except the most dangerous regions where military actions take place) got their salaries for the March.

Schools where active military actions take place are not safe for the educators to stay there, even for a short period.There are cases (information needs to be clarified) when kindergarten and school leaders were wounded while staying in educational institutions.

4/ In the war zones, what is the approximate proportion of children and adolescents who have stayed behind?

The exact figure is currently unknown. The only information we have is that during the month of the war in Ukraine, 4.3 million children were displaced, which is more than half of the country's child population (7.5 million).  These figures include more than 1.8 million children who have fled to neighboring countries as refugees and 2.5 million who are currently internally displaced within Ukraine.

5/ Are there any educational programmes on TV?

Despite the challenges, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine created all the conditions for children to continue their education during the war. The main tool for education was the platform «All-Ukrainian School Online».

Students also have the opportunity to study in private schools, which provide free access to education on their platforms.

Also, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with UNICEF launched an online kindergarten NUMO with videos for children aged 3 to 6 years.  Online physical education lessons have now been added.

All lessons are available on Youtube channel and other TV platforms, and are broadcast daily on several TV channels within the «Learning Without Borders» project.

In addition, for the convenience of organizing the learning process of a large number of children, the Ministry of Education together with Google Ukraine created an All-Ukrainian online schedule.

6/ Are union members using the union at the moment? If so, for what kind of services?

Our Trade Union has been receiving a lot of requests from our members to get any assistance. The Trade Union provides direct financial assistance to those trade union members whose houses were totally destroyed. We provide humanitarian aid to those who don’t have any clothes and food and organize temporary places for living for internal refugees.  Trade Union legal department gives consultations on living and working conditions in military situation, distance learning (even to those educators who were forced to go abroad) etc. The Trade Union and it’s regional organizations continue to work in areas where it is possible and safe. The regional trade union offices have become hubs for distributing and sorting out humanitarian aid and psychological support to all who need it.  Educational facilities are provided for temporary residence of people from the war zone.

7/ In the war zones, approximately what proportion of school buildings have been destroyed or damaged?

As of today, The Ministry of Education and Science reports that 797 educational institutions have been damaged, and more than 80 of them have been completely destroyed.

8/ In your own experience, how do children experience war (except for those who have lost a parent or a close relative)

Since the beginning of the large-scale war in Ukraine, 148 children have died and at least 232 children have been wounded, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General.  The statement of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine states that it is impossible to establish the exact number of children killed and wounded due to the active military actions and occupation of certain territories. So now this is a very difficult question.

After this nightmare I can’t really imagine what psychological wounds caused by Russian barbarities our children will have.

Today, many children in Ukraine have seen or heard explosions. Russian soldiers kill parents in front of their children, rape their mothers in front of them…

And all these pictures and air raid siren sounds will be imprinted in the minds of every child in Ukraine. Our children will never forget it and never forgive. And now they need peace and peaceful and carefree childhood!

International Department 

Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine

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