Trade Union Activity During the War: Support of Its Members

For more than five months of war in Ukraine, the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine provided financial and humanitarian assistance for trade union members.

The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine have provided financial assistance received from EI Solidarity Fund and the trade union organizations from other countries and its own funds for its members who were wounded and to the families of those educators who were killed; to those who lost houses or whose houses were partially destroyed. Those internally displaced people, who are trade union members, received targeted financial aid from the Trade Union.

Thousands of internally displaced people have been receiving the assistance (accommodation, clothes and food) from the Trade Union and its regional organizations. The Trade Union provided equipment for some of the teachers who have fled from the territories where active military actions have been taking place so that they could work remotely. Trade Union allocated funds for transportation services of educators who needed to leave dangerous regions.

The Trade Union has also allocated funds to pay for electricity and charges for public utility services in Trade Union resorts located in the Western part of the country where people from Eastern Ukraine have been staying now.

The Trade Union staff is constantly updating information.

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