Ukrainian Challenges are Discussed at the International Level

At the beginning of April 2023, the representatives of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine participated in the events organized by the trade union organizations of the UK and Ireland.  

On April 2-5, 2023, at the invitation of the National Education Union (NEU), the largest trade union organization in the UK, Olha Chabaniuk, Deputy President of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine, and Kateryna Maliuta-Osaulova, Head of the International Department of the Trade Union, took part in the NEU Annual Conference.

The NEU Annual Conference gathered approximately 1,600 delegates and international guests. During the four days of the event, delegates discussed a number of issues that are important for the country's education, international politics, and also covered the war in Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine was under discussion in a number of different sessions where Ukrainian representatives actively participated defending the Ukrainian position. 

On April 7-9, 2023, Ukrainian delegates participated in the Annual Conference of the NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union in Glasgow. More than 300 delegates and trade union representatives from different continents (Western Europe, Latin America, Africa) attended the conference and roundtable.

The international roundtable was devoted to the role of trade unions in protecting democracy in the modern world.

The Ukrainian participants had the opportunity to inform the international delegates about the struggle of the Ukrainian people, workers and educators for democratic values and principles, for independence, for the right to be Ukrainian, and about the challenges facing the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian education.

In their speeches, almost all the participants of the roundtable mentioned Ukraine's struggle for independence and expressed their solidarity with Ukraine, which demonstrated that, despite other global issues, the war in Ukraine is now one of the main issues on the agenda around the world.

On April 7-9, 2023, Ukrainian trade union representatives took part in the Congress of the Irish National Teachers' Organization, which took place in Killarney, Ireland.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Ireland has been one of the most hospitable countries for Ukrainian citizens, officially hosting about 65 thousand Ukrainians, but in reality many times more. About 15 thousand Ukrainian children are enrolled at Irish schools.

The Minister of Education of Ireland, Norma Foley, during her speech and personal talk with Ukrainian representatives, expressed her solidarity and noted that the government will continue to support Ukrainians and their children as long as they need it.

The Irish government has introduced the study of the Ukrainian language in the curriculum of most schools where Ukrainians study. Irish teachers note the extremely high level of knowledge of Ukrainian children.

During the speech to the 800 delegates of the Congress Ukrainian delegates spoke about the terrible page in the history of the Ukrainian people, the struggle for freedom, independence and the existence of the Ukrainian nation.

As one of the participants of the congress noted: "Delegates at #INTOCongress23 were horrified by the first hand account of what children, families and teachers are dealing with in Ukraine. There were very few dry eyes in the room during the standing ovation to Ukrainian colleagues."

We thank all the organizations for invitation and for the opportunity to be heard.

International Department

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