World Teacher’s Day Activities in Ukraine

At the beginning of September 2017 the Parliament of Ukraine passed the new law of Ukraine on education. For several months the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine had been lobbying to prevent curtailing of teachers’ rights in the new law. In September the trade union joined forces with the heath workers’ union and held the rally near the Parliament. The law on education was passed and part of the trade union proposals had been taken into account.

On 4 October the meeting of heads of regional trade union organisations was held to celebrate the World Teachers’ Day and discuss the theme “Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers” in the light of the new law. President of the Trade Union Georgiy Trukhanov underlined that teachers’ trade unions all over the world were celebrating the International Teachers’ Day by drawing public attention to the teachers’ priceless input to the development of the society. He stressed that high quality education provided by qualified, motivated and supported teachers is the prerequisite for the stability and success of the society. The participants in the meeting discussed recent changes to the legislation, including the new law on education, proposals for the financing of the education in the State Budget 2018, activities of the local trade union organisations in conditions of decentralisation and creation of united territorial communes.

Also on 4 October the Trade Union coorganized the national round table “Decent work – productive employment, decent wages, modern jobs” to highlight teachers’ concerns before the representatives of the Government and ministries. The round table was also dedicated to the World Day of Decent Work. Participants discussed wage policy, modern jobs and well-trained workers, workers’ labour and trade union rights, negative impact of the policy of deregulation on labour safety, etc.

On 5 October 2017 Vice President of the Trade Union Serhii Romaniuk took part in the briefing in the Parliament of Ukraine dedicated to the adoption of the new Law on Education and the World Teachers’ Day. He informed about the EI WTD message and together with Member of Parliament Iryna Konstankevych highlighted some controversial issues in the new law on education and presented a draft law submitted by MP Konstankevych aimed to address some discrepancies concerning the wages of education workers of the lowest category.

During the week there were held local trade union meetings to celebrate the WTD with the participation of local authorities, to honour the best teachers. The main point of discussion was the new Law on Education. Also sport competitions among teachers took place. Such meeting were carried out in Chernigiv, Mykolaiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr and other regional centres.


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16 жовтня 2017
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