Ukrainian trade unions celebrate the World Day for Decent Work 2019

On the World Day for Decent Work trade unions all around the world mobilise to stand up for the provision of decent work for all workers.

On October 7, 2019, the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, together with representatives of its member organisations, held several events dedicated to this day of action. Information booklets about the decent work, workers’ rights and guarantees were distributed near central metro stations in Kyiv. Trade unionists marched to the Administration of the President of Ukraine. Young trade union activists, representatives of the FPU Youth Council, organized a flash mob under the slogan “We work in Ukraine! We build our state!” at the Independence Square in Kyiv. There were trade union banners and flags, slogans in support of worker’s lawful demands to lawmakers and the Government.

Though these awareness raising events trade unions drew public attention to the problems of workers, pressure on their socio-economic rights and interests, and trade union actions aimed to prevent any cuts in workers’ rights in the process of labour law reforms.

After the flash mob trade union activists had a meeting with the Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy and Protection of Veterans' Rights Halyna Tretiakova and members of the Committee. The issues of reforming social and labour legislation, the draft Labour Code of Ukraine were discussed during the meeting. 


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